The mobile divide in the US and UK

The mobiledivide infographic by our Partners Solution Provider Constant Contact. Mobile service usages is still low in the UK as opposed to the US. However, overall, mobile marketing solution services are still under used. Could it be the challenges of the times are the reasons things are perhaps moving so  slowly when it comes to mobile marketing in the UK?

The info graphic suggest that it is both the economic challenges of the times and time starved owner/ operator are the reasons that we find low mobile marketing participation in the UK. While we do agree, we at SocialAcumen feel that we must not the rule out the ignorance factor as there are many small business owners who are reluctant to even take 5 minutes of their precious time to review a Social Media Presentation that would actually help them and strangely enough the same answer keep surfacing from some of these small business owners.
” we dont know much about social media marketing or mobile marketing.” This infographic will give you some insights how Our friends At ConstantContact see this and you can see why they call the info Graphic’ themobiledivide’ – Chrisrjonline


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